We pride ourselves on custom-designing the very best packages of services for our clients' individual needs. The building blocks for this come from our comprehensive facilities and wide range of skills and knowledge.
Our fully-serviced livery gives our clients the ultimate in hassle-free horse ownership! You can relax knowing your horse is in high quality stabling, has access to well-fenced, good grazing with all-year-round turn-out and is professionally cared for by friendly staff living on the premises 24/7. We can also add optional extras like schooling, exercising or rehabilitation programmes.

Stabling your horse at Comeytrowe may not seem as cheap as DIY livery but it will definitely save you time and travelling costs, so it may end up being much better value for money!

"I have liveried with Comeytrowe Equestrian and never had one occasion to worry about the care and consideration given to my horse by Janet or Janine. They are a sound professional team with one aim in mind, that being to accommodate and help Clients. From my experience there is a happy positive attitude which pervades the Yard, and in turn benefits humans and horses alike. The facilities are good, covered Yard very welcome in summer and winter, and future plans include an indoor school." Rosemary Roberts.
Competition training
We train horses all the way from the breaking of youngsters right up to advanced standard, and across all disciplines. As competitive riders ourselves, we understand the thrill of getting your horse to be its absolute best in a competitive environment, at whatever level.

Breaking and schooling
The breaking and initial schooling of a horse is the building block on which all the future potential of the horse is based. Our highly experienced team can ensure that this important initial schooling is done correctly, to give your horse the best start possible.

Convalescence and rehabilitation
We have access to many different specialists who can assist with convalescence and rehabilitation, ranging from the traditional blacksmith and dentist through to less common treatments such as reiki, massage and homeopathic veterinary services like scenar therapy.

Shows and clinics
We regularly organise clinics run by a visiting specialist, for instance advanced dressage trainer Jodie Lister and international showjumper Jonathon Bowman. These clinics offer the opportunity to be taught by some of the best in a friendly, one-on-one situation yet at a reasonable cost and on a day with many like-minded people around. Please visit our news page for details of forthcoming clinics.
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